Ann Brebner

All about Ann Brebner

Ann Brebner is a formidable lady!

She started her career in the UK Police and worked her way up to CID working in London helping to keep the streets safe, specialising in working with victims of sexual offences. After 15 years in the force, Ann took a sabbatical to have twins, returning to work when they were just 6 months old but not in the MET, she purchased a cleaning franchise and spent the next 13 years building a very successful domestic and commercial cleaning business.

A highly successful business woman, Ann remains grounded and attributes this to her Yorkshire roots. You can take the lass out of Yorkshire… but you can’t take Yorkshire out of the lass!

Now Ann is keen to return to helping people, ‘Paying it Forward’ if you like. Ann has become a coach and mentor helping working parents to start their own business, guiding them through the pitfalls and minefields! Who better to guide you than someone who has encountered them all!

Follow Ann through her Blog as she documents her journey; helping, guiding and knowing Ann, having a lot of fun as she does so! In her Blog Ann talks about both the amazing Forever Living Products and being a part of Forever Living and helping to coach and mentor people through their business owning journey.